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Why wait? Finance your dream vessel today and get out on the water! BuyOwner Boat has put together a leading list of marine lenders to provide you with options for making your dream become a reality. Discover the pleasures of being out on the water with family and friends!

Things to Consider when Looking at Boat Financing:

  • Consider the tax benefits of a Home Equity line of credit or Home Equity loan.
  • What terms am I looking for? (Usually based on the amount of loan - up to 20 years)
  • What down payment can I afford? (Usually between 10 and 20 percent)
  • Survey - usually required by the lender to determine the maximum loan amount.
  • Blue Book value - find out exactly what your vessel is worth before you make an offer.
  • Make sure the boat you are looking at is not too old to finance (usually 30 years or more).
  • Multi-hulls, houseboats, and personal watercraft might have to meet different loan requirement standards.
  • Make sure to consider boat insurance, docking fees, and storage fees when determining your overall monthly cost.
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Below is a simple calculator to determine what you can expect to pay per month based on a specific term and rate

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