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The key to selling your boat at a better price and faster is exposure.
The more people who know it is for sale, the faster it will sell.

Popular choices for selling boats and watercraft:

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Let's take a closer look at some options available to you:

  • Yard Sign
    Only a few neighbors might see it. Very few lookers will find you and you have no online presence. Most boats go down in value, so the longer it takes to sell - the lower the price you might have to take.
  • Local Newspapers
    This only covers a local area. You have limited text and it can become costly if your boat takes awhile to sell
  • Free Online Ads
    Hard to find. These ads are limited in pictures, text, and typically allow no video. You might have to keep refreshing your ad or it falls to the bottom of searches.
  • Paid Online Sites
    Paid sites usually advertise for a limited time before making you pay again. Most sites don't include signs, or may not offer video. Some online sites offer a limited free text area for you to describe your boat. A majority of the time they only generate potential buyer leads through marketing their website online. Rarely do you see online advertising companies at boat shows. Have you?
  • Boating Publications
    Very long lead- times, and publication cut-off deadlines. Limited in text and pictures, limited to readers and subscribers of the publication, can be costly.
  • Yachtbroker
    High back end fees (typically 10 percent). Commission driven and do not know your boat as well as you do. Might only take listings over $25,000. Ask yourself honestly-Who better to show your boat then you? Who knows your boat better than you? The good and the bad.
  • Boat Dealer
    Commissions can be as high as 15% on boats under $25,000. Trade ins might not get you the amount you are looking for. Your boat is surrounded by other boats for the buyer to choose from. What seller wants that!